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Forms are used to take information from a person. The information is then processed depending on what type of form it is. An e-mail form will send the information to an e-mail address, a search form will send the information to the server where it is processed by a script and the value is returned to the browser.



Frames are used to structure a page. Usually one frame will hold links to other pages in the WebSite. When a link is clicked on the other frame loads with the page, leaving the frame with the links intact. This site uses frames, if your browser supports frames, and you didn't choose the non frames version, you see an example here.









Page Types


Text Only: It is recommended to post a text only version of your page. There are still many people on the internet using DOS based text only browsers. Don't miss out on traffic by not providing a page for these folks. It is relatively easy to create a text version of your page.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions.

These pages answer the most common questions your customers or clients ask. By providing a FAQ page you can eliminate a lot of e-mail and build a relationship with the reader. Often readers will bookmark a FAQ page to return later for more information.

BIO'S: Bio pages enable you to introduce your staff members to the users. You can put their picture along with a background profile.

Links: A link page is just that, a page of links. If you have a large amount of links to other sites related you yours, it makes sense to group them on one page. This allows maintaining the integrity of the links much easier.

Information: These pages contain special information. If you want to have a place to tell the history of your company, show your menu items, special events, etc. it is good to have this information grouped on a page by itself.

Of course you can have a page about anything you can dream up. The internet is full of information on virtually any subject imaginable. Creating seperate pages allows you to keep your opening page small, concise, and quick loading. Internet users are fickle, if a page takes too long to load, they won't even stay around long enough to look at it. They will simply stop the load process and go somewhere else. Keep ypur main page small, get their attention, and provide links to pages that may interest them. This will help to increase your traffic, the more pages you have with your name and information on it, the higher the odds are one of your pages will appear in a search.


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