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Our basic setup will establish a stand alone website for businesses or individuals who wish to maintain a web presence without the need for their own domain name.

You can also get your own domain name such as www.yourcompanyname.com. It will appear to your customers that you have your own dedicated connection. This gives you a more professional appearance at a surprisingly low cost.

Sites with multiple pages will be linked together guiding people through in an orderly manner.

We will announce your website:

Your site will be registered with the Top 300 search engines and directories. Search engines and directories are indexed databases of Internet addresses, searched by keywords.

Site maintenance:

We periodically check your site, refresh and update as necessary. Of course we can update or add new pages to your site faster than placing a new ad in the newspapers, anytime you feel you need to.

Site testing:

Your pages will be tested with a code validator for compliance with the W3C standards. This ensures your entire site is displayed properly by the many different browsers in use today.

Your pages will be checked for "usability and readability". Two key factors used in judging the quality of WebSites.

Links placed on your pages will be validated.

We can also make your pages Bobby compliant for access by physically challanged surfers.

Advanced page features:

Besides the basic page features you can have additional advanced HTML items added to make your page interactive with the user.

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