Electronic mail is fast and virtually free. It is growing in popularity and use. The ability to send messages anywhere in the world and know that within seconds it is in someone's mailbox waiting to be read. If the person receiving the mail is online and monitoring their mail it is possible for the sender to recieve a reply within minutes. E-mail links can be in text form, a graphic, or a form.

This is a graphic e-mail link with a text link email@youraddress.com following. NOTE: if you click on either of these links you will get an error since the link is to a bogus address.



Forms are a useful tool for getting information from people. Forms are handled in different ways.

Example of a form.


Links or "hotspots" are hyperlinks to a specific location in a document or a HTML page on the internet. They can be textual, an image, or a specific location on an image (this is called an imagemap).


Images can be used inline as in the e-mail button example, or be placed anywhere within the page.



Animated Images

Images can be animated by creating successive images which are much like cells created for cell animations. Once the images are created a program is written to animate the images such as the following examples.

dynamite spinning world skull and crossbones



Imagemaps can be any image in which coordinates can be defined and labeled as a hyperlink. These can be time consuming and require a little more maintenance than most items on pages. One of the most familiar images used is the map of North America. Each state is a link to a web page on the internet, usually used to locate divisions or office locations within the particular state. Another use of imagemaps are navigation maps, these are used to guide users around a website.

Example Map



This is an example of a simple table
Column Heading Column Heading Column Heading Column Heading Column Heading
Place       Cells
  Data   these  
  Color   Text  
Use       Positioning
Cells can contain links to enhance data cells can be sized as needed and backgrounds can be added  

Scrolling Banner Messages:

These messages can be changed as needed. However frequent changes can alter your monthly maintenance fee.


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