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Q: What do I need to have a WebSite?

A: First you need to create the pages for the site, secondly you need to have a host for the site. DragoNet can do all of this for you.

Q: What do I need to provide to a designer to create a WebSite?

A: Information, anything you have relating to your business. Brochures, Logos, Trademarks, artwork, slogans, etc. You will need to spend some time with the designer(s) talking through the project. The more information we have about you and your business, the better.

Q: With the WYSIWYG editors on the market, why do I need someone to do all this for me?

A: You can create the pages but it takes a professional designer to format the code properly to ensure it is displayed properly by all the different browsers being used today. Also these editors do not insert the codes needed to give the information to the web robots that read the pages and send the information back to it's search engine to index the page.

Q: What is the monthly maintenance fee all about?

A: The monthly maintenance fee includes hosting the WebSite and periodic upgrades, changes, or just checking the site to ensure the integrity of the site.

Q: Can a hacker damage my site?

A: Yes, unfortunately any code that is written and accessable by the general public can be "hacked" if a hacker wants to spend the time to break into the site and change the code. This is why it is important to have someone check on the site periodically.

Q: What is a "hacker"?

A: A hacker is someone knowledgeable in codes used to program the host machine. They find how to access the server, get into someones area, and do their dirty deeds. These people have nothing better to do than create mischief and havoc on other people's programs and computers.

Q: What are scripts?

A: Scripts are programs written to perform actions based upon input or events by a person viewing the page. There are several types of scripts and languages used to accomplish this.


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