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Thanks to the miracle of online communications, we can now participate in the excess-stock clearance sales at the world's museums and antique houses. This enables us to offer a range of vintage of items unique to the wedding trade. Let your imagination run wild! Take a little history into your future! All items come with with a Certificate of Authenticity, and reproductions are never offered unless specified as such. Please allow two weeks for delivery. Major credit cards accepted, make checks/money orders payable to our parent company, F.H.P.

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~ ~ Elizabethan, Victorian, Edwardian

~ ~ Treasures from Ancient Egypt

~ ~ Authentic Celtic Jewelry

{and some beautiful hand-fashioned reproductions}

The following in stock, pages under construction

~ ~ Classic Greek & Roman Items

~ ~ African Heritage Collection

~ ~ Mayan, Incan, South American

~ ~ Mythical & Mystical

~ ~ Gift Ideas

(Unique items that will be remembered and TREASURED!)

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