Celtic Jewelry

Celtic jewelry is not the easiest thing to find these days, in part due to bans on exportation of historic relics by several countries. As usual, we cooperate fully within these regulations, but scour private estate auctions and the odd dealer or two who still make these pieces available.

I still have the first Celtic piece I found, a bronze Druid Acolyte's ring, and have spent many hours wondering about the young priest who wore it first. What of the Runes which interpret to the word Livorno, "the fox"? What did he or she know that I'd like to, and what did he or she see on those special holy days? Nothing compares to owning an authentic piece of one's homeland and ancestral culture. Could it be MAGIC? Who knows. I only use it on folks who write bad checks, and I rarely hear from them again.

DRUIDIC BROOCH ~~ This is a bronze brooch of between 2,250-4,000 years old. It features a diamond shape, with another diamond situated atop it. The top diamond, or table, features diagonal etchings which are common to Celtic jewelry. It is about 1.5" wide and 3/4" tall. This brooch is from a dig near the Danube, where the Celts first did battle with, then became allies with, Alexander the Great in 352 B.C.E. Accomplished combatants who often ran buck naked into battle, the Celtic peoples never made a move without first consulting their priests, the Druids. Who knows what historical events the previous owner witnessed? Photo available as soon as it arrives from the 'auld country'. $199.00 plus $7.00 shipping and insurance.

Cool Celtic Copies