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Want to share your wedding with friends and relatives? Our CyberMemories Wedding Album can make it happen. Have your photos scanned, placed on their own website with an optional hot link to your e-mail address, and/or get a copy of the complete album on a CD or 3.5" floppies. Major credit cards accepted, make checks/money orders payable to our parent company, F.H.P.

The Sapphire Package

Up to 20 photos (8" X 10" or smaller, please) scanned and downloaded on a CD or Floppy Disk(s). View with any browser or image viewer (freeware viewer included with CD orders, if requested). Add additional photos at $4.95 each. One photo (your choice) put on a web page for a year.
~ First CD --- $99.00, 2nd --- $49.00, each additional --- $19.95
~ First set --- $89.00, 2nd --- $49.00, each additional set --- $14.95

~ The Ruby Package ~

Includes all of The Basic Package, plus:

  1. A complete web site for a year.
  2. Up to three lines of caption text per photo
  3. E-mail announcement to up to 50 addresses
  4. Announcement to 200+ search engines (FREE, but your option)
  5. 2 pages of text.
  6. 2 copies on CD or 3.5" floppy disks (add'l CDs $19.95, floppies $14.95)
Total Price = $199.00

~ The DIAMOND Package ~

Everything in the Ruby Package, but with up to 30 photographs, FIVE pages of text (in addition to captions for photos), and FIVE copies of album on CD or 3.5" floppy disks. Additional copies of either the CD or disks at $9.95 each. Return e-mail form, if desired.
Total Price = $299.00

Please send photos via traceable means or priority mail. Text files/captions accepted in WordPerfect, Word, .txt or .wri format, as well as typed or even in pencil (PRINT, please). Original photos will be returned to you, usually within two weeks of receipt, via Priority Mail. Include payment in full, payable to F.H.P., or credit card information per form (fill in, print out).
NOTICE: We will do our level best to protect your photos and get them safely back to you in a timely fashion, but accidents do happen so please don't send your only copy. Our total liability is limited to replacement value or the price of the package purchased, whichever is less.