Bat Brood and Nesting Boxes

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Fact: The common Little Brown Bat eats about 500 mosquitos per hour, or 3,000+ per night ... EACH. With even a small colony in a single chamber box (above $39.95), you'd have about 150 bats and ... virtually NO MOSQUITOS. With the Triple Chamber Brood Box ($59.95) you could have as many as 500 bats or more, for homes near a river, lake, or low ground.

These boxes are in use in vinyards from France to Switzerland to Napa Valley. Bats account for about 40% of all grape pollenization, AND eat most the insects that would otherwise attack the grapes. We have also built brood boxes for universities, the U. S. Army, and a range of other entities wishing a nature-friendly, low cost, solution to insect infestation.

So, what makes these boxes better than others available?

Simple; they WORK, others don't. You may go several seasons without attracting bats to most bat houses for the simple reason the box is varnished, or has a logo branded on it (burnt wood frightens bats), or used glue to join the wood, or are made from pressure-treated materials ... ALL BAD. Our boxes are fashioned from western red cedar, fir, and mahogany, no preservatives, no glue, no burns.

The 'throat' of our boxes is designed for bats, rather than ease of manufacture. The throat (area where the bats come inside) of our boxes is approximagely 3 cm deep, ideally meshing with the small brown bat's claw-span of 5 cm. The wood inside is rough sawn to facilitate climbing, the wood outside finished smooth. The mahogany is from Belize and was harvested by Mayans from the stumps of old-growth trees cut for road construction, and a part of each sale goes to buying and 'retiring' rain forest.

There is a pvc-coated screen to facilitate landing, and a bottom ledge to help keep bat guano from hitting the side of your house. Bat guano is, by the way, among the most valuable fertilizers known to mankind, so plant some roses underneath! Order yours today and be ready for the fall/spring seasons when new generations of bats will be looking for a home. Great neighbors!

Triple Chamber Brood Box (with nursery ledge) --- $59.95

Single Chamber Brood Box --- $39.95

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