Nobody Asked Me ... But ...

Okay, the question that's on everyone's mind, but no one is willing to ask up-front; So who had Ron Brown in the office death-watch pool?
I certainly didn't. I mean, he'd only been under investigation for something like eleven months now and was probably weeks away from an indictment; the prime of his political life, judging by how the rest of the Clinton cabinet has gone. According to lawyers on his side, he'd personally brought over $40 Billion of new business into the U.S. during his tenure and, according to the lawyers investigating his prior business dealings, had only ripped-off a paltry $300,000 for his own. Neither of these are records, of course, but a pretty solid effort you must admit.
Tasteless Quip of the Moment: How can you tell the Administration doesn't plan to cut subsidies? The Secretary of Commerce just 'bought the farm'!

More Dogma

A question arose recently about how The Church recommends one handle his/her personal relationships. In two words; it doesn't. Okay, that's technically one word and a contraction. Anyway, you're on your own with the personal bit. From St. Pooch we get the following guidance:
"It is always difficult to come between two people who are in disagreement, for supporting one will likely be seen as deserting the other. It is difficult to intervene without hurting someone's feelings. My personal recommendation is to NOT hurt feelings unless absolutely necessary and, should there be no way around it, make certain you hurt the feelings of someone you think you can whip in a fair fight. Also, bear constantly in mind that 'Fair' (like INCEST) is a very relative thing."